What does the term"literacy rate"mean?

Answer The term "literacy rate" refers to the percentage of a population who can read and write at a given age. It can be used as a measure of educational results. Higher literacy rates are generally typi... Read More »

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What is the adult literacy rate for France?

According to the CIA World Factbook, the literacy rate in France in 2003 was 99 percent. France has a population of more than 62 million residents (2009 estimate) with a median age of 39.4 years.So... Read More »

What is the adult literacy rate in Costa Rica?

The adult literacy rate in Costa Rica was 96 percent in 2008--the highest rate in Central America and among the highest in the world. Education is compulsory in Costa Rica through the sixth grade.S... Read More »

What country in Africa has the worst infant mortality and literacy rate in the Western Hemisphere?

Answer According to the CIA World Factbook - the African country with the highest infant mortality rate is Angola. There is 184 deaths for every 1000 births.The worst literacy rate in Africa appe... Read More »

How can erythrocyte sedimentation rate be controlled if ESR rate is raised to 80mm/list hr?

The underlying cause for the increased ESR should be found out and treated.