What is the liquid in the eye called?

Answer The first area of fluid within the eye is called the aqueous humour; it's a thick, watery-type substance located between the lens and the cornea. The second area of fluid is a transparent gel locat... Read More »

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What is the liquid sap of rubber called?

The liquid sap from the rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis, is called latex. It is a milky-white material that is made into natural rubber. Latex is the original source of products like latex gloves a... Read More »

What is a liquid display crystal monitor called?

What is another use for liquid hand dishwasher liquid aside from washing dishes?

What Is the Liquid in Liquid Filled Auto Gauges?

Standard auto gauges have no liquid filling and are sufficient for daily use. Gauges in high-performance or heavy use vehicles are often filled with certain liquids to reduce shock and enhance accu... Read More »