What is the liquid in a burn blister?

Answer It is your body's own healing fluid. Any kind of cut or scrape will make your body produce the same fluid, but with a burn blister it is contained in the blister.

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What do you put on a popped burn blister?

What do you do when a blister burn pops?

When a victim gets burned and blisters form, that is classed as a second degree burn. As a rule, blisters should NOT be popped / broken - the skin, (Integumentary System), is there to protect your ... Read More »

What will happen if you pop a burn blister on your arm?

What happens when a burn blister opens/pops?

The skin covering a blister regardless of it's cause is natures best protective band-aid to prevent infection and insure optimal recovery. When the blister is popped the protective fluid leaks out,... Read More »