What is the likelihood of getting cancer again?

Answer This is a tough question to give a good answer too because there isn't one. Cancer can always come back. Remission means it's halted. Some never get cancer again, others do. I had breast cance... Read More »

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Does anyone remember a kids show about coloured bears and a dalmatian The bears were people in suits different colours too black green red blue not sure if twas itv or bbc early 90s maybe?

I think it might be called teddybears' I was looking for it too and couldn't find it most places but found a DVD of it on amazon if you search teddybears on there it comes up hope it is what you we... Read More »

What is the likelihood that two words on a scanned document will look the same?

their can be a difference because of the shading and/or contrast of that same word which would affect the outcome.

What Is The Likelihood Of A Flight Being Cancelled Due To A Thunderstorm?

It really depends on the scale of the thunderstorm. Airlines will try to get flying as they would need to pay extra if they didn't take off and many airlines do try and avoid this cost. However, if... Read More »

What is the likelihood that the army reserve gets deployed?

They deploy. Likelihood depends on your occupation and what type of unit you're in. If you were Motor Transport or Military Police from 2003 - 2009, you'd almost certainly be deployed.