I Need To Know The Name Of A LifeTime Movie PLEASE HELP !!?

Answer It's called "In The Dark"

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In your lifetime, what movie you've seen the most being aired over and over on T.V?

According to this fella, #1 is Road House, followed by Overboard, A Summer Place, Shawshank Redemption, and Beach Blanket Bingo. I would have guessed Wizard of Oz, but that gets only runner-up.htt... Read More »

How to Sell My Story for a Lifetime Movie?

To sell your life-story to the movies, you first have to write a screenplay or hire a screenwriter to write it on your behalf. Then, the next step is to send the script to film production companies... Read More »

Does the lifetime max or lifetime cap get reset when you change health insurance?

Answer Many times lifetime caps start over with new insurance. You may find more relevant information at

Did Tony Danza star in -Lifetime TV movie drama that His character- killed his daughter because he was abused as a child and had a split personality?

Yes. It is called Deadly Whispers. It was a made for TV movie by Lifetime in 1995.