What is the life expectancy for a child with chronic granulomatous?

Answer If the child has a fever more then 3 days you should seek a doctor. Children's dose of Tylenol is OK to give the child, but DO NOT give the child Aspirin - it is strongly indicated in Reye's Syndro... Read More »

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Are there any movies on Chronic Granulomatous Disease?

Life expectancy of a child with liver failure?

I'm not really sure if there is a difference by state, but in CA, my mother said that if the child knows the parents numbers, how to call 911 and give them all the essential information [e.g Addres... Read More »

What is the life expectancy of a child who has left hemiparesis?

I hope you have shown her to a doctor. While any fever can cause headache and vomiting the combination of fever, severe headache and vomiting should be taken seriously.

Life expectancy of a child with dandy walker syndrome?

there is none if you get the right treatment because I have it