What is the lieutenant governor's duties?

Answer While their duties vary from state to state, lieutenant governors take over for the governor when he is unfit to serve or is not in the state. Much like how the vice president works with the presid... Read More »

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What Are the Duties of the Lieutenant Governor?

Being number two in charge can be an unglamorous job, but for a person who seeks to serve his or her state, the position of lieutenant governor is ripe with possibilities. Not only does he fill in ... Read More »

What Are the Lieutenant Governor's Duties in Ohio?

In every state, the lieutenant governor serves as the governor's second-in-command. In Ohio the voters elect the governor and the lieutenant governor as part of a joint ticket. The Ohio governor re... Read More »

Lieutenant Governor's Duties?

In the United States, lieutenant governors are second in state government only to the governor. An elected position, a lieutenant governor performs a variety of duties in the state he serves. While... Read More »

What are the responsibilities of the board of governors?

In an association with a purpose to preserve, maintain and protect real estate assets owned in common, the first responsibility is to obey the state or provincial laws enacted to protect this style... Read More »