What is the lethal dose of Tylenol® PM?

Answer Tylenol® PM, an over-the-counter medication produced by Johnson & Johnson, is used for the relief of mild-to-moderate pain and sleeplessness. It contains acetaminophen, an analgesic and anti-pyret... Read More »

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What Is Lethal Colic?

Colic, or abdominal pain, is common in horses and can be lethal. According to "Veterinary Medicine: A Textbook of the Diseases of Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Goats and Horses," colic mostly results from "... Read More »

How much caffeine is in caffeine-free Coke?

There is no caffeine at all in caffeine-free Coke. Caffeine-free Coke was first introduced in the United States in 1983, and is also available in a diet formula that contains less calories.Source:C... Read More »

Dose anybody knows Nathan Kress real cell phone umber and dose he have a iphone?

Don't tell anyone else and delete this question so nobody else calls it. His number is 209-208-3227 and he does *not* have an iPhone.

Kava Kava with caffeine raise blood pressure more than caffeine alone?

No, Kava is not known for raising blood pressure. If anything, it causes blood pressure to lower.