What is the length of pharmaceutical patents?

Answer Pharmaceutical drugs are protected by a 20 year patent. During that time, it is illegal for any other company to produce the drug without permission, generally through a production license. Patents... Read More »

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Length of Drug Patents?

The Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), administered under the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), works to ensure that drugs made available to the public are safe and effective. C... Read More »

What is the proper length of a tea-length gown?

Depending on whom you ask, a tea-length gown is one with a hem that falls anywhere from just below the knee to a few inches above the ankle. The terms "tea-length" and "intermission-length" are oft... Read More »

What is the patents law of the u.k.?

The patents law of the U.K. is governed by the U.K. Government's Intellectual Properties Office (IPO). The patent law is designed to protect inventions from being exploited or copied by anybody oth... Read More »

What happen if the UTP cable length is longer than maximum length that can be exceed by the cable?

There are many problems associated with that. The worst one is signal attenuation. Your signal will be lost on its way with all consequences. If you want to use UTP for distances longer than 100 m ... Read More »