What is the lane size for a junior Olympic pool?

Answer AnswerA pool that is used for the junior Olympics (I'm assuming that's what you're referring to) is either 25 yards or 50 meters long, depending on the country you're in. In the US, the JO size is ... Read More »

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What is the size of an Olympic swimming pool in meters and feet?

Answer An Olympic Length pool is 50 meters. To convert any meter to feet, you multiply by 3.28084, so an Olympic Length pool should be 164.02 feet or 54.68 yards.addendum: for extra trivia - an Oly... Read More »

What is the normal PH level in an Olympic size swimming pool?

Answer Ph of an Olympic Swimming Pool or for that matter any pool or spa should be maintained between 7.2 to 7.6 with 7.4 being ideal. (FYI)Outside this range the biggest problem is eye & skin irri... Read More »

What is the rate of water flow per hour to fill an Olympic size pool?

Answer Not all Olympic swimming pools are the same. So you need to know how much water you are going to need in the pool. Takes the length x width x by average depth x 9Will tell you how many gallo... Read More »

How many gallons of chlorine are in an Olympic size pool?

The recommended chlorine content for swimming pools is 1 to 1.5 mg/L. For an olympic sized swimming pool that holds 288,000 gallons (1,090,200 liters) of fluid, the amount of chlorine (with density... Read More »