What is the length of a year on Neptune?

Answer Neptune is the most distant planet in our solar system at an average distance of 2, 793,100,000 miles from the sun, a distance 30 times greater than the distance between the Earth and the Sun. The ... Read More »

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Who discovered Neptune,& in what year?

After Uranus was discovered in 1871, the existence of Neptune was suspected due to the affect of its gravity on Uranus. John C. Adams estimated its location in 1843, and in 1846 Johann G. Galle fou... Read More »

How many storms happen in Neptune a year?

The storms of Neptune are not counted--much is mysterious about this distant planet. Scientists do know that Neptune is covered by a thick layer of clouds, the strongest winds in the universe (reac... Read More »

What year was the maytag neptune mah5500bwq made?

According to a 1998 article by Steven Ashley in "Mechanical Engineering" magazine, Maytag's laundry division introduced the Neptune mah5500bwq to the public in 1997 to be more environmentally frien... Read More »

What is the length of Mercury's year?

Mercury orbits the Sun once every 87.97 Earth days. It is the closest planet to the Sun, at an average distance of 36 million miles. Mercury has the shortest orbital period among the planets in our... Read More »