What is the length of a neuron?

Answer A neuron is a tiny cell that transmits electrical or chemical signals across synapses, or connections with other cells, and averages a mere 3 microns to 18 microns across in diameter, where one mic... Read More »

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What is the proper length of a tea-length gown?

Depending on whom you ask, a tea-length gown is one with a hem that falls anywhere from just below the knee to a few inches above the ankle. The terms "tea-length" and "intermission-length" are oft... Read More »

Is a myelin sheath an electrical charge that moves through a neuron?

A myelin sheath is not an electrical charge moving through a neuron. It is actually a protective layer on the outside of neurons that allows for the smooth and efficient movement of electrical impu... Read More »

What happen if the UTP cable length is longer than maximum length that can be exceed by the cable?

There are many problems associated with that. The worst one is signal attenuation. Your signal will be lost on its way with all consequences. If you want to use UTP for distances longer than 100 m ... Read More »

The width of a photograph is 4 cm more than three tenths of the length. If the width is 13 cm what is the length?