What is the length of a French horn?

Answer When the French horn is uncurled into a straight length, it is approximately 17 feet long. It is the second longest instrument, and only the tuba is longer when stretched out.Source:The French horn

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Why is the French horn called the French horn?

Leader of the brass section, the French horn bears both a distinctive sound and shape. Widely used, the French horn has evolved since its meager beginnings as a simple horn made from animals.Histor... Read More »

Where did the French horn come from?

The French Horn is a descendant of animal horn instruments that became widely popular in Europe as the sport of hunting became popular in the 1600s. These horns were refined throughout the 1700s in... Read More »

How to Improvise on the French Horn?

The french horn is the most complex of all the brass family of instruments. Aside from the fact that it uses the left hand, making a french horn sound great isn't hard if you know how to play, but ... Read More »

How to Play the French Horn?

The horn is among the most difficult of the standard orchestral wind instruments to play. Proficiency is obtained only through dedicated practice and perseverance. However, the reward of beautifull... Read More »