What is the length limitation for Ethernet cables?

Answer Experts say that 100 meters is the longest that an Ethernet cable should be, in order to still get a good signal. The timing of signals along the cable, and not the cable's design, dictate the 100 ... Read More »

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Is there any difference between yellow ethernet cables and navy blue ethernet cables?

The color of the ethernet cable means nothing at all.There are different types of ethernet cables. Crossover, straight through, cat 5, cat 6 and so on, but again the color means nothing...

What Is the Difference Between Ethernet & Patch Cables?

Ethernet and patch cables are usually referred to interchangeably, although there can be differences between the two. A patch cable is a generic term that can be used for multiple types of cabling ... Read More »

What is the length of an Ethernet cable?

Ethernet cables come in several different lengths, from a few inches to hundreds of feet, and can be custom-made for any specific length. Ethernet cables are made in different sizes for different t... Read More »

What is the maximum length for an ethernet cable?

Though there is technically no maximum length for an ethernet cable, the longest cable regularly sold in stores like Best Buy and Radio Shack measure only 50 feet. Some stores will custom make a lo... Read More »