What is the legend of the rainstick?

Answer The rainstick is a musical instrument popular among native peoples in South and Central America. According to legend, it has the ability to move the spirits to send much-needed rain.The DiaguitaAcc... Read More »

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What Is a Rainstick Used For?

A rain stick is a musical instrument made from a long, hollow tube that is sealed shut and has small pins on its inside surface, along with small beans, rice or pebbles inside. When raised to a 90-... Read More »

Rainstick Art Lessons?

A rain stick is a musical instrument originating from South America. Uncooked beans or rice are put into a long hollow tube sealed at both ends. Small nails or spikes are driven into the tube along... Read More »

When was the rainstick made?

The most likely origin of the rainstick instrument is that it grew out of tubular rattles, or stick rattles. Archaeology has found examples of these stick rattles that date back to the Incan period... Read More »

How long should a rainstick be?

A rainstick should be long enough for the person to hold and turn upside down comfortably. The longer the rainstick is, the longer the sound lasts, because the items inside have farther to fall.Ref... Read More »