Where on a map is the Bermuda Triangle located?

Answer The Bermuda Triangle is a an area of ocean southeast of the United States. The points of the triangle include Bermuda; Miami, Florida; and San Juan, Puerto Rico. The United States Navy does not off... Read More »

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When should you mow Bermuda sod?

On One Hand: Wait until after the recommends keeping Bermuda grass, which is a subtropic perennial seeded sod used mostly in the southern United States, between 1/2 inch and... Read More »

How Low Should Bermuda Grass Be Cut?

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Where is the island of Bermuda?

Bermuda is 650 miles (or 1,046 kilometers) east of North Carolina. Travel time is about two hours from many cities along the East Coast (such as Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia).References:Berm... Read More »