What is the legal status of growing and using wormwood in the us?

Answer you pray your hand wont come off and stick your hand in the compartment

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Is it legal to ask about immigration status?

It is legal to ask a person about his immigration status, unless there is a specific statute in your state forbidding it. Employers, for example, are required to verify their employees' citizenship... Read More »

What is the legal status of cannabis in amsterdam as for july 2012 for tourist's?

Cannabis isnt legal in Amsterdam, its just tolerated. But dont worry, no-one has been arrested for cannabis use or possesion in nearly 30 years. Its very easy to obtain from 'coffee shops' in limit... Read More »

What is the legal position over a neighbours Ivy growing in your garden?

legally you have a right to trim any foliage which comes into your property line including limbs from trees. trimming at the end would not!! kill a well established and healthy ivy. maybe your neig... Read More »

Railway reservation booking status was w/L 81, PQWL now as on today it shows current status as W/L 28.?

It will get confirmed 100%. The reason waiting list cuts off so fast is because people tend to do two separate bookings for their convenience and cancel the other as per their date convenience. I t... Read More »