What is the legal responsibility of an LPN?

Answer A licensed practical nurse(LPN) is responsible and held accountable for their own practice. If LPNs administer medicine, they are accountable for meeting standards of practice, which include being ... Read More »

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What is the financial responsibility of a legal guardian?

When a parent is unable to properly raise a child, the best substitute is a legal guardian. A legal guardian assumes legal custody of the child, as well as financial responsibility for the child.Pr... Read More »

What Are the Legal Aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility in a Business?

The legal aspect of corporate social responsibility is the expectation that corporations and their employee, in the course of doing business, conduct these practices in a manner that does not viola... Read More »

What is the legal responsibility of insurance companies to be forthcoming about repairs?

AnswerIf I understand your question properly, it's understandable why others didn't quite comprehend it.I believe you are referring to when one has a loss, and makes an insurance claim, what happen... Read More »

Legal Responsibility to Report a Crime in Progress?

Because police officers cannot be everywhere, they often rely on bystanders to report crimes, especially if the victim cannot make the report himself. If bystanders do not report a crime in progres... Read More »