What is the legal interest rate in NJ for condominium associations?

Answer Your governing documents could specify the interest rate.

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What is the maximum rate of interest allowed by law in Ohio on condominium assessments that are paid late?

Usually, unpaid assessments are not interest-bearing or interest-earning amounts, because they are debts. Read your governing documents to verify the late fees being charged. If you believe that t... Read More »

What is the highest legal interest rate?

The highest legal interest rate varies according to the law of the state you are residing in and ranges from 6 percent in Alabama to 15 percent in New Mexico. These are also known as "statutory int... Read More »

What is the highest legal interest rate on a credit card in the U.S.?

Believe it or not, there is no limit on the interest rates credit card companies can legally charge. However, the FDIC's consumer protection "Truth in Lending Act" requires the maximum interest rat... Read More »

What is the maximum legal interest rate that can be charged in the state of Pennsylvania?

The maximum legal interest rate in Pennsylvania is 6 percent. Unless you have a special license, such as for bankers or pawnbrokers, it is illegal to charge more than 6 percent interest. You can be... Read More »