Minnesota Raffle and Gambling Laws?

Answer Minnesota raffle and gambling laws are explained in Chapters 349 and 350 of the Minnesota State Code. These chapters define what constitutes legal and illegal forms of gambling, as well as how the ... Read More »

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The Benefits of Legal Indian Reservation Gambling Laws?

With unemployment solidly above 30 percent and grinding poverty, Indian reservations have often been compared to third-world countries. The unique legal position of tribal lands means that tribes h... Read More »

Is salvia legal in Minnesota?

Salvia is legal to purchase in the state of Minnesota. The herb, Salvia divinorum, causes mind-altering or psychedelic properties when smoked. No overdoses have been associated with salvia's use, a... Read More »

Grandparents' Legal Rights in Minnesota?

Courts presume that parents act in the best interests of their children. However, in Minnesota if the parents are not allowing the child to visit his grandparents, the grandparents may petition for... Read More »

Are telescoping batons legal in Minnesota?

The state of Minnesota does not explicitly ban the carrying of batons, telescoping or otherwise, by its citizens. However, there is some ambiguity, since the laws regarding "dangerous weapons" say ... Read More »