Are headphones legal while driving in NH?

Answer Lots of places sell Gumy Earphones, try HMV or a local technology shop. Depending on where you live or what country but you can try phone shops, example Orange Shop or Vodafone. Or you could just o... Read More »

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Can you be legal driving without car insurance?

Financial ResponsibilityIt is possible in the United States. Some states allow you to post a cash bond with your State Department of Insurance in lieu of auto insurance and some states will allow y... Read More »

Are headphones legal while driving?

Check the head phone port in the radio.Did you insert any other head phone jacks inside that port.It would have been jammed inside.Try inserting another head phone.

Do you think the UK legal driving age should be raised to 21?

Yes I do, and they should have to sit an I.Q. test beforehand and if they don't achieve a score of 100 they should not be allowed to drive

Do you think we should raise the legal driving age to 18?

what should be done is more thorough training instead of just nothing until 18. that will just wind up causing the rookie 18 yr olds to be just as lethal as a 16 yr old wise-azz thin... Read More »