What is the legal age to work at a bar in California?

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How to Get a Legal Separation in California?

Unlike divorce, legal separation doesn't end a marriage. Legal separation is for couples who want to live apart but aren't willing to end their marriage for religious, financial or other reasons.

Legal age child alone in car in California?

Judging by the way you have phrased this question, I am guessing you didn't.Why do kids have to wear helmets?

Are air tasers legal in california?

Air Tasers are legal to carry in California without any permits necessary. However, Air Tasers are illegal to carry in the states of Illinois, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Wi... Read More »

Are air guns legal in California?

Air guns are allowed in the State of California except in the City of San Francisco, where they are banned. Air guns fall under the law as any other gun in the State of California. Air guns used to... Read More »