What is the legal age to watch kids in South Carolina?

Answer Depends on your location. Usually it's 13. Phone your police department and ask.There are very few laws related to this. The key questions are: Is the child safe? Does the child feel safe? Does the... Read More »

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Are studded tires legal in south carolina?

Studded tires provide extra traction on icy roadways. They are legal in South Carolina, but the the studs can be no longer than 1/16 of an inch when the tire is compressed.Source:Tire-information-w... Read More »

Are neon lights legal in South Carolina?

South Carolina law section 56-5-4830 allows neon lights under cars (called ground effects or underglow) with certain restrictions: the light can not strike the road past 75 feet ahead of the vehicl... Read More »

Are handwritten wills legal in South Carolina?

Handwritten wills are not recognized as valid in South Carolina, except when a probate proceeding is involved out of state. Handwritten wills, also known as holographic wills, are wills written by ... Read More »

What is the legal age for a kid to stay home alone in South Carolina?