What is the legal age to see a baby being born?

Answer With parents permission, any age.

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What is the process of a baby calf being born?

What does the uterus do when a baby is being born?

When the baby is born, the uterus wall, which is very muscular helps push the baby out. when you feel pain during the childbirth, what you are really feeling is the muscular wall in you uterus cont... Read More »

What are the odds of a baby being born mentally handicapped if its parents are half brother and sister?

AnswerAll I can say is the baby has and INCREASED chance of being born with a genetic disease. The baby will not necessarily be "mentally handicapped".If a disease (such as diabetes) runs in your f... Read More »

Can a baby survive being born at 24 weeks?

The normally accepted age of viability (the age a baby can survive outside the womb) is 25 weeks. There have been cases of babies surviving at 24 weeks but normally they do not. Even at week 25 bab... Read More »