What is the legal age to carry pepper spray?

Answer The legal age to carry pepper spray varies by state. In some states, it is only legal for an adult (over 18) to buy or use pepper spray. In Wisconsin, minors 14 and over can buy pepper spray with a... Read More »

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Is pepper spray legal to carry in Seattle?

Pepper spray--a defense spray made with cayenne pepper oil and other ingredients--is legal to own and carry in the state of Washington, including Seattle-- with certain restrictions. You must be ov... Read More »

Is it legal to carry pepper spray in Kentucky?

In the state of Kentucky, it is legal to carry pepper spray, and the state of Kentucky recommends that women carry it in their purses to protect themselves against potential attackers.Source:Kentuc... Read More »

Who can carry pepper spray?

On One Hand: Generally Legal for PeopleIt is generally legal for most people in the United States to carry pepper spray. PepperSprayStore reports that carrying dog or bear pepper spray is legal for... Read More »

I carry a lighter around instead of pepper spray?

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