What is the legal age to be considered an adult?

Answer Depending on the state you live in there are various ages assigned as being a legal adult. Somewhere between 17 and 21 is the gamut the ages run. In some states marriage and/or pregnancy changes t... Read More »

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What is the legal age to be considered an adult in the state of NC?

Answer In most states the age of majority is 18, but in some it's higher. For example, in Mississippi anyone under the age of 21 is considered to be a minor. That's why you have to be 21 in MS to... Read More »

What is considered a bad temperature for an adult?

You have an elevated temp showing you have an infection. Take asprin or an analgesic that lowers the temp.Take plenty of fluids and wear light clothes. Remember a temp is higher at night when you ... Read More »

Are you considered an adult once you become pregnant?

Answer No, a pregnancy does not constitute automatic emancipation of a minor. The minor can petition the court for emancipation rights in order to receive state assistance such as Medicaid, WWIC, a... Read More »

Name something a baby does that would be considered flirting if an adult did it?