What is the legal age to babysit younger siblings in Virginia?

Answer The legal age of babysitting your younger sibling is 11 but no younger than 11 espacially if not your very sisbling but if sibling 11 is the age

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What age can older siblings babysit younger ones in Indiana?

First of all I hope that criminal goes to prison! Second, the choice is really up to you. No one can tell you what to do, you just have to think about if you are ready to become a parent or if you ... Read More »

In Wyoming at what age can an older sibling babysit younger siblings?

Try to remember when you were younger. A sister's purse is like opening treasure chest for children. To you she is snooping into something private of yours, but to her she is fascinated with all th... Read More »

At what age can a child in Virginia babysit a younger sibling without adult supervision?

What is Legal age to babysit in Virginia?

11 is okay for younger siblings but 12/13 is the age for actually babysitting other children in your neighborhood or community. I HIGHLY recommend waiting until 11 1/2 to start babysitting younger ... Read More »