What is the legal age of consent for a pregnancy test in Michigan?

Answer In Oklahoma there is no age requirement for purchasing a pregenacy test or condoms. I hope this helps. Just go and ask the pharmacist. I pray that if you are, you keep the baby. God will greatly re... Read More »

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What is the legal age for a child to live alone with the consent of one parent?

I think that is more of a judgment call on your part, but over twelve I believe is a good guideline (if your child is mature)

Is it legal in Texas to get married at age 15 with parental consent?

AnswerThe first answer quoting the family code is wrong (that must be an old version because I have 2007-2008 open in front of me as I type). Trooper Davis and the other person are both correct.Lic... Read More »

Is recording a phone conversation without consent legal?

Whether it is legal to record a telephone conversation depends on each state's privacy laws. Some states, such as Georgia, allow recording as long as one party to the conversation consents. Other s... Read More »

Is it legal to video record someone without consent on a military base?