I want to smoke hookah?

Answer Tell your parents that there are companies out there that actually make herbal hashish. Herbal hashish is basically tea leaves dipped in flavoring molasses so there is no tobacco or nicotine at all... Read More »

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How much so smoke at a hookah lounge?

Because that's what they're made for - smoking a hookah pipe. This is an Islamic custom, generally only practiced by males. You won't see many females in a hookah bar.

Can I Smoke E-Hookah Legally?

Probably not. Most places would consider that a tobacco product, so would legally restrict that to persons of a certain minimum age.

Why does my heart race after I smoke hookah?

Hookah is the waterpipe not what's in the pipe. I suppose it all depends on what they were smoking in the Hookah. If it was just tobacco then you probably either can not handle smoking tobacco and ... Read More »

How to Make the Best Hookah for a Pleasurable Smoke?

A small taste for a first timerAlthough there are many different schools of thought on how exactly one should smoke a Hookah, Shisha or Narghile, many of them are correct all at the same time. Here... Read More »