The Benefits of Legal Indian Reservation Gambling Laws?

Answer With unemployment solidly above 30 percent and grinding poverty, Indian reservations have often been compared to third-world countries. The unique legal position of tribal lands means that tribes h... Read More »

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What is pathological gambling?

Pathological or compulsive gambling refers to the inability to stop gambling, which typically has serious personal or social consequences.IncidenceIn men, pathological gambling usually begins in ea... Read More »

What is gambling addiction?

When you have a gambling addiction, it means that you give in to the compulsion to gamble despite the negative consequences. At its most serious level, a gambling addiction can be distinguished as ... Read More »

What are the symptoms of problem gambling?

Gambling can be a dangerous pastime that is just as addictive and damaging to life as the abuse of alcohol or drugs is for some people. Someone's outward appearance may not be affected as it would... Read More »

What can the average person do to stop gambling?

After months or years of compulsive gambling, you have finally realized that you have a problem. But you are not a superstar with thousands of dollars to blow on a fancy treatment program in the Ho... Read More »