What is the legal age for a minor to birth a child?

Answer Answer There are not laws in the United States that would apply to such a matter. Existing laws pertain to the circumstances under which the minor child became pregnant, such as the ages of the co... Read More »

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Who has custody rights minor birth mom or legal adult birth father?

Single mother has sole control and custody, regardless of age, at the time of the birth. Father has a child support obligation, only.

When a child is born to a minor child age sixteen does that child have legal custody of the newborn baby?

ANSWER:Yes. Regardless of your age, you are still the mother. You will have legal custody unless those rights are terminated by the Court.

Minor Child Legal Guardianship & Legal Rights of Parents?

Legal guardianship of a minor child is normally established by a probate court. Through a court order a person other than the child's parents is given the right to care for the child until the term... Read More »

What legal ramifications are there if a person does not report sexual abuse of a minor child?

This is a tricky question.Legally, the local law can dictate who must report abuse. that varies from place to place. it also depends on the context of the abuse. Was it a relative, an aquaintance, ... Read More »