What is the legal age a child can be home alone in Iowa?

Answer 13 to be by them self 16 to be with children under 13

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Can a woman do anything to banish a mans legal right to a child before it is born in the state of Iowa?

Answer You should be able to ask the judge who presided over the divorce, or if there is a caseworker assigned to the family, that would be a better place to start. More Opinions A sixteen-year-o... Read More »

How long can a child be left home alone in Iowa?

I cannot answer your question with a yes or no because there isn't enough information. Emotional abuse goes deeper than just being yelled at "a lot" by your dad. For complete information about emot... Read More »

Is there a legal age in ma when a child can be home alone?

I think 16 is the age you can leave your child home alone depending on how long you are gone for if it is a few days then 16 or 18 for definite.

What is the legal age for a child to stay home alone in SC?

Answer There is no law that specifies an age. It is based on keeping the child safe and insuing they feel safe, as well as being able to handle any contingency that might arise. Most authorities... Read More »