What is the legal Age to drink at home in the US?

Answer The legal age is 21.

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When home do you, drink wine or another drink?

just water , Bob . I am spirited enough without alcohol * smiles * D :)

What happens if you drink under the legal drinking age?

Liver damage is a big problem. It can increase your risk of getting liver damage.Alcoholics have trouble recognizing and avoiding dangerous situations because the area of their brain that is used ... Read More »

Did you wait until you were at a "legal" to drink alcohol?

Naw...teenagers are teenagers! Have to 'experiment' with illegal things.....1....if, under the influence of DO NOT DRIVE...I only wish I had photos of these crash victims...dead. To ... Read More »

Is it legal to drink alchohol in your car when not driving?

In July 2008 the Canadian Federal Government passed an amendment to the Criminal Code, Bill C-2, which now provides law enforcement authorities the right to take bodily fluids from your body if the... Read More »