What U.S. state records the least amount of rainfall?

Answer Arizona receives the least rainfall of any state in the union, recording an average of 7.11 inches per year. Close behind are Nevada and New Mexico, recording 7.87 and 8.91 inches respectively. By ... Read More »

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What populous nations watch the most TV per capita?

A resident of Thailand watches the most television, 22.4 hours per week. Other countries include: the Philippines, 21 hours per week; Egypt, 20.9 hours; Turkey, 20.2; Indonesia, 19.7; United States... Read More »

Which state has the least number of large animal vets?

The United States is facing a critical shortage of large animal veterinarians; in fact, nearly 500 counties in the nation have more than 5,000 head of livestock and not a single veterinarian to car... Read More »

Is the President is required to give a State of the Union speech at least 3 times per year?

What eye color is least common?

Green. but yes, red is technically an option, and is much more rare than green, albino's have pink or red eyes and have a more rare condition. It is true.