What populous nations watch the most TV per capita?

Answer A resident of Thailand watches the most television, 22.4 hours per week. Other countries include: the Philippines, 21 hours per week; Egypt, 20.9 hours; Turkey, 20.2; Indonesia, 19.7; United States... Read More »

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Which state's auto insurance laws apply if a person is insured in the state where they reside but has an accident in another state?

If you are the owner of a car can it be registered to someone else in one state but insured by you in another state or can the registrant insure it in a different state?

AnswerThe owner of the car has to register the vehicle. The person on the registration must insure the vehicle, or be listed to drive that vehicle on a family policy. That example sounds close to i... Read More »

If your car stays in another state for vacation use do you insure in the state you live in or the state the car stays in?

If you are insured in one state but moved to another state can your insurance deny coverage for not disclosing you were moving?

Answer Did you register your car in the new state, buy a house or sign a year's lease, get home-owners/renters insurance, have your mail permanantly forwarded, etc.? If you packed up, moved and no... Read More »