What is the name of the singers of h2o?

Answer SyFy's Haven is taped in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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What is the origin of Leads name?

According to the House of Names website, the surname Leads is derived from the English surname Leeds. The history of the surname Leads lies in people who lived in the city of Leeds in the English C... Read More »

Can you name three of your parent's favorite singers/bands?

They are both Dead. But,they listened to: Jimmy Dean, Johnny Cash, and Dean Martin. Yeah,I'm old,Mkay!

What episode does metallica come to the simpsons?

In a 2007 episode (season 18), Otto Man's tape player breaks, and there is nothing good on the radio, so he drives along the road and spots Metallica's van, with the band members (Kirk, James, Lars... Read More »

What kind of guitars do country singers use?

Depending on the style of country music, different types of guitars are used. However, the most commonly used guitar in country music is the Fender Telecaster, according to the Best Guitar website.... Read More »