What is the name of the singers of h2o?

Answer SyFy's Haven is taped in Nova Scotia, Canada.

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List your top two favorite bands and then switch the lead singers. How do you think those bands would sound?

Nightwish and...oh, I don't know, Leaves' Eyes, let's say.I actually think Liv might be quite good at the older Nightwish songs, since she has great range, but the newer ones with'd be ... Read More »

Can you name three of your parent's favorite singers/bands?

They are both Dead. But,they listened to: Jimmy Dean, Johnny Cash, and Dean Martin. Yeah,I'm old,Mkay!

What is The name of lead investigator on CSI Miami?

What element is the lead in lead pencils?

The element that makes up the lead in lead pencils is graphite. The mineral is mixed with clay to form the core of the pencil. Adjusting the graphite-to-clay ratio results in different lead-hardnes... Read More »