What is the lcd intensity?

Answer Brightness.

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Samsung Intensity 3 Vs. Intensity 2?

How do I Calculate Pixel Intensity?

Each of the thousands of individual dots that make up a digital image is called a "pixel." The term "Pixel Intensity" refers to the overall concentration of pixels in a particular area of an image.... Read More »

How to Measure Light Intensity?

Measuring light intensity is important in configuring lighting for a room, movie/television show set, or for taking a photograph. The term "light intensity" encompasses such related terms as "lumin... Read More »

How Do I Change My Signature on My Intensity 2?

The Samsung Intensity 2 is a practical option for someone on the Verizon Wireless network who wants to text but doesn't need the data associated with a smart phone. It features a slide-out, full QW... Read More »