What is the law regarding unrelated children of opposite sexes sharing bedroom?

Answer There are no laws, the arrangements of rooms in a house hold has never been subjected to legislation.

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What are the Pennsylvania laws regarding children of the opposite sex sharing a bedroom?

Answer children of opposite sex after age of 7 must be in separate bedrooms or children in youth if they found out will be in your lives for a long time.

Is it illegal in Michigan for children of the opposite sex to share a bedroom?

How many unrelated children can I take care of in my home in Tennessee?

In Tennessee, you may care for four unrelated children in your home. Providing care for five to seven children, including your own children under the age of 10, requires a state license for a famil... Read More »

Can Siblings sharing a bedroom in PA?

You need to get a lawyer right away! They will talk you through this and tell you your options. They will do this part for free and work out with you how to pay. There are lawyers who deal with fam... Read More »