What is the law on HDTV channels being provided through cable TV providers?

Answer Google "must-carry" rules.Cable IS under FCC regulations. Just look on the FCC website:"The Commission enforces regulations that were designed to ensure competition among cable companies, satellit... Read More »

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Can I receive HDTV channels through my VCR?

You will need a DTV converter box to watch HDTV channels on your VCR. Every TV or VCR not equipped with a digital tuner must be connected to a DTV converter box to receive HDTV signals and watch HD... Read More »

What channels do you get on the new google TV or other internet TV providers do you get all the sky channels?…

How can I set up a wifi network through my ethernet cable connected internet provided by my apartment building?

Get a wifi router and plug the ethernet cable into it!

If I have a newer TV, but no cable, is it true I can buy a HDTV antenna for local channels?

Any antenna will allow you to pick up over the air signals if you are close enuf to broadcast towers. Outside antennas work best, but any will work, there really is no HDTV antenna. Some people w... Read More »