What is the law for calling in sick in California?

Answer California does not require private employees call in sick, and leaves the policy to the employer. Government employees have to gain approval for leave.Typical Sick DaysPrivate employees agree with... Read More »

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Calling in sick to work Thur & Fri...what excuse can I give?

Homeland Security detained you at the airport.

Calling in sick - First month of job?

I manage people and this is unfortunate but that's all! You're ill and no decent employer wants someone in when they are genuinely poorly, spreading germs around. At my company, you don't get paid... Read More »

Will I be fired for calling in sick?

well it depends on your current attendence on how many other days you have been absent but as a business owner i would say no. their is nothing that you can do about being sick. the best advise tha... Read More »

I called in sick to work because I am sick with the flu and my job is demanding a doctor's note.?

You can self-certificate, go to your doctor and ask about this. They can't and won't turn this into a dramatic situation once you do this.