How old is the lava lamp?

Answer The lava lamp was originally released in 1963 under the name, The Astro Lamp. As of 2010, the release date of the lava lamp makes the decorative object 47 years old. Edward Craven Walker received t... Read More »

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When was the Lava Lamp invented?

Edward Craven Walker launched the original Astro Lamp, now known as a Lava Lamp, in 1963 after noticing a similar contraption behind the bar of a Hampshire pub. Walker dedicated 15 years to the per... Read More »

What liquid is in a lava lamp?

A lava lamp contains two simple ingredients: water and wax. When hot, the wax rises to the top of the lamp. Once cool, the wax falls back to the bottom.Source:Lava Lite: Frequently Asked QuestionsS... Read More »

My Lava Lamp Won't Rise?

Designed in the 1960s by engineer Edward Craven Walker, the lava lamp became ubiquitous with the pop look of the '60s. These lamps will occasionally have problems working the way they should; howev... Read More »

Is my lava lamp haunted?

It could be.If I understand correctly, you said that it began acting funny before the fall. I actually would take this seriously because sometimes when things are haunted it could be demonic. I'll ... Read More »