What is the latin word for sister?

Answer Soror. That's why they're called "sororities," by the way.

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What is the Latin word for talk?

Dicere, narrare, referre = to talk in different senses. Dico is generally translated as "I Say" Note: Fabulare (to spin a fable) gives rise to "Hablar" which means to talk in Spanish. Decir (from ... Read More »

What does the word 'speculative' mean with respect to medical insurance?

== No coverage!!!! == This would refer to a treatment or procedure that has not been shown to cure or alleviate the condition for which it is being prescribed. The insurance company doesn't want t... Read More »

What does the latin word sic mean?

The Latin word sic means "thus", "so", or "in such a manne." The word is used when an incorrect item is written as it appeared in its original form, either as a printed or spoken citation. Sic is u... Read More »

What is a derivative of the latin word cedo?