What is the latin name for earthworms?

Answer The Latin name for the common earthworm, or nightcrawler, is Lumbricus terrestris. These invertebrates, which are common in Europe, North America and Western Asia, can eat up to one-third of their ... Read More »

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What is the genus&species name for earthworms?

Common earthworms belong to the genus known as Lumbricus, and the scientific name for an earthworm is "Lumbricus Terrestris." "Lumbricus" is the Latin for "worm," while "terrestris" means "of the e... Read More »

What is the name of the sac in which earthworms lay their eggs?

Although earthworms have both male and female reproductive organs, they typically do not fertilize their own eggs. During mating, earthworms trade sperm with one another and then deposit that sperm... Read More »

What is the Latin name for the emu?

The emu, native to the grassy plains and open forests of Australia, belongs to a primitive group of flightless running birds called ratites. The emu's scientific name is Dromaius novaehollandiae. C... Read More »

What is the latin name for scales?

"Libra" is the Latin word for scales. In English, the word "Libra" has come to mean a particular constellation in astronomy. It also means the seventh sign of the zodiac in astrology.Source:The Fre... Read More »