What is the latest programming language used in web designing ?

Answer Recent Most useful languages used in web design is PHP, Mysql,, C#. Joomla is also used to make a content mange Website.

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How long have been into Programming and what Language you used?

Which programming language is highly used?

Do you think C is the programming language that will be used one more century?

I can't predict going out one century but I believe the C language will be around for a while. Not everything requires fully object oriented languages like C++, Java, or C#.

Which scripting language is the most used when it comes to Web Programming:ASP.NET,PHP,Perl,R…?

PHP is most commonly used on Apache as part of the LAMP environment. You'll also find Perl and Ruby, but PHP has a huge percentage of the Apache market. There has been a strong trend towards Web Se... Read More »