How Do I Change the Default Calendar Viewed in Outlook 2003 to a Shared Calendar?

Answer The ability to share calendars in Microsoft Outlook 2003 makes the program a powerful business tool. It permits people in the same company to see the same appointments and dates in their calendars,... Read More »

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How to Send SMS Calendar Reminders to Invitees Through Google Calendar?

SMS stands for standard messaging service, or a text message. Google Calendar allows users to send notifications to themselves via text message about an upcoming event or appointment. You can also ... Read More »

How to Merge a Public Calendar With a Personal Calendar in Outlook?

It seems common for people to have multiple calendars. Microsoft Outlook allows you to merge multiple calendars into a single file. This can help you combine your schedule with that of a coworker, ... Read More »

Difference Between a Christian Calendar & a Chinese Calendar?

World history has seen many different calendars from many different peoples. Calendars, which provide a standardized measurement of time, are important to business, government and daily life. The C... Read More »

How to Convert the Persian Calendar to a Christian Calendar?

The Persian calendar begins on the vernal equinox. It has 12 months, where the first six have 31 days, the next five have 30 days, and the last has either 29 or 30 depending on whether it's a leap ... Read More »