Is the General Sherman the largest tree in the world?

Answer The General Sherman, a giant sequoia, is 50,000 cubic feet in total volume, according to the University of Wisconsin. It is the earth's largest living organism and is 311 feet in height.Source:Univ... Read More »

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What is the largest tulip tree?

The yellow poplar is the largest species of tuliptree, easily reaching a height of more than 170 feet and a diameter in excess of 10 feet. In 1984, a 200-foot yellow poplar with a 23-foot girth was... Read More »

What is the largest linden tree?

According to the University of Minnesota, the largest tree in the linden family is the American linden, or basswood. The height of this tree measures 50 to 80 feet; other species of Linden reach he... Read More »

What is the largest tree, bush or shrub in your garden?

What is the largest battleship in the world?

The World War II Japanese battleships, the Yamato and her sister ship, the Musashi, were the largest battleships ever built. Their 18.1-inch main guns fired 3,200-pound armor-piercing shells. With ... Read More »