What is the largest tree, bush or shrub in your garden?

Answer The perennial fuckbush

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How to Trim Dwarf Burning Bush Shrub?

The burning bush shrub (Euonymus alata Compactus) is also called the winged euonymus or spindle tree. It closely resembles a Eucalyptus plant, but the leaves turn a dark orange or red color in the ... Read More »

What kind of tree/shrub do i have here?

Cutleaf japanese maple. Botanical name is Acer palmatum…

Is dogwood a shrub or a tree?

The dogwood is a tree. It needs soil rich in nutrients in order to grow well. If you want to plant a dogwood tree but have poor soil, you can improve its composition by using biostimulants, fertili... Read More »

Is a Zebrina a shrub or a tree?

Zebrina pendula (wandering Jew) is a herbaceous shrub that is commonly used in residential and commercial landscapes as groundcover. This low-growing plant produces colorful purple leaves that feat... Read More »