What state has the largest coast guard?

Answer You probably want to join the Air Force and be a Paratrooper. The Coast Gurad catches drug smugglers, aliens and other bad guys while protecting our shores.**Edit**What you are describing is the Un... Read More »

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What us state is the largest producer of citrus fruit?

Florida is the largest producer of citrus fruit in the United States. In addition, over 90 percent of United States-produced orange juice is made from oranges grown in the state of Florida.Source:C... Read More »

What state has the largest percentage of its population join the military?

The total number of military recruits (Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force) for 2005 was 162,549. Total youths (15 to 24) recruited were 160,568, with the largest numbers from Texas (18,019) and Cali... Read More »

What state has the largest number of home loan defaults?

Nevada has the highest mortgage default and foreclosure rate in the country, nearly twice the national average as of April 2010, followed by Arizona, California, Florida and Michigan. North Dakota,... Read More »

Which state has the largest unemployment rate?

As of May 2010, the United States Labor Department reports that the state with the highest unemployment rate is Nevada, with a 14 percent unemployment rate. Michigan, California and Rhode Island al... Read More »