What is the largest seashell?

Answer The largest seashell belongs to the giant clam (Tridacna gigas), which can grow to about 4.9 feet long. It lives within 60 feet of the surface in shallow lagoons and reefs within the tropical regio... Read More »

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What is the world's largest seashell?

The world's largest seashell is the giant clam, or Tridacna gigas, which can grow up to 4.9 feet long. It lives in the tropical Pacific from the northern Australian coasts to the south China Seas a... Read More »

What is a seashell used for?

Seashells are the exoskeletons, or exterior skeletons of mollusks. Mollusks are soft-bodied creatures who use the shells, which they make from calcium, for protection and camouflage. A shell found ... Read More »

What is the seashell a symbol of?

To the Romans, seashells symbolized prosperity and regeneration. The seashell also symbolized the goddess Venus, who came from the depths of the sea, and fertility (Venus was the goddess of fertili... Read More »

What seashell represents baptism?

The scallop shell represents the sacrament of baptism and sometimes is seen on baptismal fonts. The celebrant may use an actual scallop or a dish shaped like one to pour water over the recipients o... Read More »